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Ricoh TTR Range

TTS is a converting partner for Ricoh, one of the worlds' most respected manufacturers of wax resin and resin thermal transfer ribbons. We are able to offer competitive pricing for slit rolls on any of the following Ricoh thermal transfer ribbon grades:



B110A - Premium Wax Resin

B110TI - Premium Wax Resin

B120E - Premium Near Edge Wax Resin

B130EV - Premium Near Edge Wax Resin

B130ED - Premium Near Edge Wax Resin



B110CR - Premium Polyvalent Resin

B110CX - Premium Resin

B110C - Premium Resin

B110CU - Premium High Performance Resin

B120EC - Premium Resin



D110A - Premium Resin

D110C - Premium Resin

We now also stock the high performance B110CU grade of resin ribbon in a number of sizes that are available to purchase in individual rolls.

Full pricing and information on available sizes can be found in the latest version of the 'TTS Ribbon Selector' software.

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RICOH colour ribbons